8th Grade Parents Learn About Opportunities at Morgan


Written by Maggie Guba and Aryn McQuarrie|
Photos by Maggie Guba and Aryn McQuarrie

For the incoming eighth graders, it’s time to choose classes for next year. On Friday, March 3rd, the students at Eliot formed their schedules for freshman year.  Students were able to make informed choices because, on Wednesday, February 28th, both 8th grade Eliot students and parents were invited to an open house held here at Morgan.

Mr. Chapman Department head for engineering electives

During the meeting,  department heads for each core subject and elective explained what the incoming freshmen’s courses would be like. They touched upon some of the courses they may be taking in their future years at Morgan.

Each presenter had a course outline for both the honors programs and the college prep levels. They provided information on each year’s course options highlighting those specific classes that are available to incoming freshmen.

The night included refreshments made by Consumer Science teacher Joanne Nunan’s food services class. A few students, such as Senior Alexis Alfano, were there representing the foods course for Mrs.Nunan. Husky Leaders attended this meeting to answer questions and give tours of the school.

Overall, the night was very successful.  Morgan had a great turnout of parents and student who are excited to start their freshmen year at Morgan.