HK Promotes Young Achievers


Lindsay Harden

Written by Lindsay Harden |

Here at Morgan, we have the PawPrint as our source of information for the student body and a “by the students for the students” commentary on many things happening in not only Morgan but also in the Clinton community. Many other high schools in the country have similar newspapers or morning announcement shows.  Haddam-Killingworth High School even has a radio show called “Young Achievers”.  I was recently invited to be a guest on this radio program hosted by the students of Haddam- Killingworth High School.

Each week two hosts from HK decide upon a topic for the show and with the help of their advisor find guests that would be well suited to talk about the topic. I was fortunate enough to be asked by our REACT advisor Kelly Edwards to be a guest on the show. The topic for the March 7th show that I was a guest on was “the importance of extracurricular activities.” The show began with the two hosts talking about upcoming events in their school and the surrounding River Valley area. They then proceeded to introduce me and the other guest who was on the show with me. Soon enough we were discussing extracurriculars. The hosts interjected with a few questions here and there, but overall it was a very relaxed 30 minutes of being live on the air.

I talked about all of the clubs and activities that I am involved in here at Morgan and how they have helped me grow as a person, apply for college, and meet new people. I also encouraged anyone listening to get involved by again sharing how much it has helped me. If you would like to listen to the March 7th “Young Achievers” show visit the Archive page on the ICRV Radio website.

We were live on an online radio station that is fairly new called ICRV Radio. It is the self-proclaimed “stream feeding the River Valley.” It is in Ivoryton adjacent to the Ivoryton Playhouse. It is a local station that has many different shows featured along with advertisements for local events. “Young Achievers” airs every Tuesday from 3:15-3:45 pm.

Being live on the radio was a very different experience. There is a closed off room, and everyone has to wear large headphones in order to hear what is live, as well as talk into a microphone. Overall it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone.