2017 Promposals


Senior Cedar Hittle promposes to senior Kaley Aistudillo

Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by everyone´s name in the captions of the photos

It’s that time of year again. Prom is coming up quickly, and it´s the time when people are asking others, the special question, ¨Will you go to prom with me?¨

There are clever ways juniors and seniors have of asking this question to their special someone or a good friend, while others just go with a group of friends. Either way, it’s a fun night. Between being out on the dance floor, going to the after parties, taking pictures before the actual prom, and being with your good friends, prom is a fun filled time for all students attending to have the time of their life with their friends.

The junior prom will be on Saturday, April 29 at Cascades in Hamden. The senior prom will be Friday, May 12 at Water´s Edge in Old Saybrook.