Sad To See You Go


By Kendra Dean|


 Mr. Quinn gave his retirement notice to the school. The faculty and students here at Morgan were very sad to see him go. He was a very friendly, well-liked social worker. Many students felt that they could talk to him because they could trust him;  most of his students felt that he was a best friend.  Liam Meechan said, “ he was the only person in school I could talk to and trust.”  A lot of students wrote notes to him on what used to be his classroom door. Brett McDowell wrote, “ I love you; you have done so much for me. Come back.” Brandon Ruggerio also wrote,  “ not only were you the only guy teacher I could talk to over these last seven years, you really have become one of my best friends. I love and will miss you a lot.”Not only do his students miss him so do the faculty. Mrs. Tranquilli said, “ I miss him very much. He had the ability to make everyone feel good about themselves.”  Mr. Quinn has been working at Morgan for thirty years.  The past and present student/faculty members will forever remember him.