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Morgan Talent: Olivia Morrissey


Written by Logan Cummings|
Photos by Olivia Morrissey and Logan Cummings|

At Morgan, you may know of certain students with special talents. One of these students is Sophomore Olivia Morrissey who is a renowned artist in the school. Olivia is skilled with various mediums, including charcoal, pencil, marker, and paint. Her artistic ability is truly something incredible.

Olivia started working on art at a young age, and she claimed that her works were just like those of any four-year-old. However, with time she developed greatly by continuing to do art, working with different mediums, and using techniques that suited her best.

Olivia expressed that her preferred art style is drawing. She said, “I prefer pencil or charcoal or anything like that. I hate paint because I’m the worst at painting.” She claimed that she finds pencil easier to blend and work with, and commented that they are smooth and easygoing. Her main distaste towards painting is “how you can work on something for so long and have it turn out like crap.”

 “Whenever I have free time, I just draw,” said Olivia, describing how often she works on art. She commented that she doodles in school and carves out time when she’s at home for painting or drawing. Her pieces “can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of days depending on what it is.”

In the future, Olivia wants to be an animator. One of her key inspirations is derived from such a desire, that being the works of Rebecca Sugar, an animator and the creator of the cartoon Steven Universe. “I just love her style… I want to animate when I get older, so she inspires me a lot.”

One particular painting of hers has an interesting story behind it. “I painted this avocado once with a fiery background,” said Olivia.  The painting started out as a sketch of a pelican. After she tried to paint the pelican, she decided to scrap the idea and paint an avocado instead since “painting it just ruined it.” Olivia said that the process of painting the avocado took two days. As one of her favorite creations, she claimed, “I don’t know why I like that so much, it’s just in my room to this day.”

“I just keep at it,” said Olivia, describing how she grows as an artist. She gives advice to anybody who wants to improve: “If you wanna do art, just keep at it and keep going. Don’t give up!” In her case, persistence in doing art contributed to her great talent and helped make her the amazing artist that she is today.

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