Morgan Wrestles Its Way to Victory



Written by Ivan Villanueva|

Morgan offers a large number of winter sports options such as wrestling, track, boys basketball, girls basketball, gymnastics, and fencing. Morgan wrestling participated in the annual CIAC Class S state championship tournament. They competed Friday, February, 17th and Saturday, February 18th.  Most Morgan students fail to understand some of the complex rules, regulations of wrestling.

According to the CIAC handbook, wrestlers receive two points for a take-down. When the wrestlers are on the bottom the goal is to escape. The reward is to one point. If a contestant puts the competitor to his (her) back, the reward is up to 5 points, and if the competitor has both shoulder blades on the mat, they will lose by pin fall. In the 2016 CIAC Class S tournament, Junior Trevor Follo earned his way to third place in the 115-pound weight class. Junior Leader Trevor and Captain Ivan Villanueva lead the Morgan wrestling team through the 2017 Class S tournament.

Morgan wrestlers seized their opportunity in the championship this Saturday, February 18th. Junior Austin “Big Show” Daley earned 2nd in the 285 pound weight class. Senior captain Ivan “Big Papi” Villanueva as the 7th seed was able to obtain 5th place, Trevor “Beast Mode” Follo fought his way to 6th in the 115-pound weight class, junior Andrew “Bubble boy” Fortuna (12th seed)  beat the 2nd seed and achieved 6th place. Moreover, Sophomore Tony “Cadillac” Cimino was very emotional when he wrestled as the  9th seed and placed 6th. He is very similar to assistant Coach Marvin who was arguably the best back in his Morgan days. 

Wrestling is a tough physical sport, but after the championship tournament, it has taught the Morgan team that seeds are for birds.