Live Broadcasting Comes to Morgan


Written by Cedar Hittle|

2017 will prove to be a big year at Morgan with new and improved courses coming to the technology department including Video Production II, Digital Imaging II and Live Broadcasting.  With the introduction of new class opportunities in both the digital imaging and video production classes, students will be able to further their experience in an area of their choice if they have met the necessary prerequisites. Sign ups for these new courses took place on Friday, February 24th,  but interested students may be able to make transitions later on if they so desire.


Students who took Video Production I and completed the course with a grade of C or higher will have the option of enrolling in Video Production II. This will offer more variety for those who wish to take their learning in the technology field to the next level. Digital Imaging will also be available in a second class for those with a knack for Photoshop. Digital Imaging is also a prerequisite for this class.

Additionally, students with a credit in Introduction to Communications will have the opportunity to take part in the upcoming Live Broadcasting class. In Live Broadcasting, students will be producing their own unique content which will be broadcast live across the school on a regular basis.

The Morgan School has never had such a unique and innovative course as the Live Broadcasting class. This offers one more platform for students to grow educationally as well as discover potential future endeavors.