Entertaining English Electives


Written by Kitty Shortt |

Sophomores and Juniors are now making their course selections.  Course selections were made through Parent Portal by February 24th. Freshmen made selections in their English classes the week of February 26th. All students have room for at least two electives a year, and the English department has some great options.Journalism Midterm Pictures

Journalism is one English elective that is offered to students in all grades.  Students have the chance to write, report, photograph, film, edit and inform for the school news source, The Morgan PawPrint.  Students have the option to take Journalism more than once, as Sophomore Alyssa LeMay is currently doing.  Journalism also counts as a technology credit.

maina carey and mr bergmanFilm Study with English Teacher Eric Bergman is also an option for juniors and seniors. Mr. Bergman says that his “intention with this course is to build an interest in developing a critical eye for image and how image influences us and our culture.” Students watch films and clips in order to build on their ability to analyze images and scene design.

Juniors and seniors can also sign up for Media Literacy with English Teacher Paul Beckett. Media Literacy is similar to Film Study, but it covers a wider range of art forms. “Students will deconstruct the language, methods, formulae, images and messages in advertising, music, video games, television shows and film to achieve a deeper understanding of these common forms of media” according to the 2017-18 Program of Studies.

Lastly, Juniors and Seniors can take Creative Writing. The English teacher who teaches the course changes from year to year, but the basis of the course stays the same. It is a class in which students can explore their writing potential in a variety of styles and through a plethora of different projects.

Teachers from the English Department encourage you to play on your creative side and sign up for at least one of the many classes they offer!

Watch Journalism’s and Creative Writing’s promotional videos advertising the class and showing how students feel about the course below!

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