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    Transportation Fascination

    Written by Marie Kane |
    Photo by Alexa Schmidt

    Transportation is different for Morgan students. Mainly juniors and seniors drive, but many students take the bus, carpool, get dropped off and picked up, or walk to school.  Which way is the best way? What do students enjoy the most? What is the safest? No matter how you get to school, there are always pros and cons.

    Freshman Maria Avila takes the bus. She believes that a parent driving or you driving yourself is the safest: ¨I mind busses because people on the bus can be really mean and rude, but also I don’t always trust the drivers, and I don’t recommend it because it’s not safe sometimes. I don’t drive yet, but I do recommend it because you can get to school faster, and in my opinion, it is much safer.¨ When asked about carpooling, she said, ¨it depends on who you carpool with. If they are not the best driver, then no, it’s not safe, but if they are good then of course. I would recommend it if you trust the person a lot.¨

    Sophomore Olivia Carroll gets dropped off at school every morning due to her mom getting a new job and having to leave at the same time. Otherwise, she takes the bus. Olivia says, “I think the safest way to school has to be getting a ride from you parents or on the bus.”

    Sophomore Abby Jasinski gets dropped off at school in the morning and either gets picked up or walks home. It depends on when she has cheer practice. She doesn’t drive and thinks taking the bus is safest. This is because she believes that there are trusted adults driving. “If I had to take the bus I wouldn’t mind, but when I get my license, I would drive myself if I had my own car. I would probably only drive my sister and or if someone needs a ride. I recommend driving to school because it’s a responsibility, and there’s freedom. I do think driving to school is safe.” Abby believes that as long as everyone is sober, carpooling is mostly safe.” She believes that walking is safest for the environment because “there is no gas wasted”.

    Sophomore Daysi Beltran takes the bus. She thinks this is the safest and doesn’t mind it because “there are not a lot of kids, and it’s not loud.” She recommends taking the bus because “It’s easy, and if something happens, then the bus driver will help.”

    Junior Drew Marzano usually gets dropped off from his mom or dad and picked up from his mom or grandma. He wants a car. Drew thinks that “the safest way is probably the bus because people peel out of the parking lot at a fast speed.”

    Senior Alexa Schmidt drives a Honda Civic and drives herself to school and picks up her best friend every morning. She prefers to drive rather than taking the bus since she has the opportunity:

    Alexa Schmidt
    Alexa in her car

    ¨I personally think either the student driving his or herself to school or their parents driving them to school is the safest solely due to the fact that yes bus drivers are attentive to what is going on on the bus, but they can not catch everything, and in some cases, students can be bullied which is in most cases not physical harm but can be emotional and mental harm.” She does recommend driving to school. “I think it takes off some of the stress of having to wake up earlier and rush to the bus. I think as long as you are a safe and conscientious driver driving to school is safe. I do not carpool. However, I think it is safe as well as again the driver is conscientious and safe.” When it comes to transportation with the environment, Alexa says,”I think driving is the most environmentally friendly because most students drive low emission vehicles whereas a bus emits much more toxic fumes.”

    There are different types of transportation with many pros and cons for each. Everybody has their own opinion and uses different transportation. Whether it’s carpooling with your friends, driving yourself, getting dropped off, walking, or taking a bus, at least transportation exists.



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