There’s Nothing Finer than a Forty Niner


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Written by Lindsay Harden |

Like many of the seniors right now, I  stressed about applying to and choosing the right school, but I have recently made my decision. I committed to attend the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. The weekend of February 11th, I went to Charlotte to attend admitted students day. I met up with my future roommates, or as I  learned this weekend, my “froomies”.lindsay-college-trip_0367

This was my first time seeing the school. The whole campus looked just as beautiful and pristine as it did in all of the flyers I received in the mail. At the admitted students day, I was able to take a tour of the campus, see an actual dorm, not a staged room, of the building I would live in, and get information from the college I was admitted to, the College of Health and Human Services.

I am a pre-nursing major so I learned about all of the prerequisites I need to fulfill before I apply to the nursing school my sophomore year. I toured the building that most of my classes will be in. I even got to see multiple simulation labs that nursing students use in their junior and senior year for practice before they move onto clinicals.

The whole day was set up conference style so that students could choose what they wanted to see and what they thought was most important. Many future classmates and parents that I talked to were both very happy with the school and the way the day was planned. My dad even said that being on a campus and sitting in a dining hall made him want to go back to college.

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I spent the whole day with my roommates who I knew through the Facebook page for accepted students. Once seniors are accepted and considering committing to a school, I recommend that they polish up their Facebook and join that Class of 2021 page. Through Facebook, students may meet their future roomie or just a future friend before they even move into the dorm. If I hadn’t met people before hand, my day would not have been as fun.

I 10/10 recommend attending an admitted students day or any open house or overnight trip. These opportunities allow students to see many things that a normal tour does not include.