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Laughing @MorganMemes


Written by Logan Cummings|
Photos by Logan Cummings|

One Twitter account well-known among the Morgan students is @MorganMemes. The account is like what you would expect from the name: filled with tweets and memes about The Morgan School. According to the bio of the account, it is “Your source of fresh, local memes.”

Morgan MemesThe account is anonymously run and includes original tweets as well as retweets of Morgan students’ funny content on their personal Twitter accounts. The tweets and memes revolve around well-known things among students. It’s essentially an account full of inside jokes from The Morgan School.

A majority of the students view the account favorably, crediting their positive opinions to the fact that the tweets are relatable, being based on things from their own school. Sophomore Sophia Dowd said, “it’s funny, and it is about people in this school, like teachers, which makes it even more funny.” Junior Jordan McMillan said, “I believe it’s funny and very accurate.”

Morgan MemesSome students said the account is also important. Sophomore Rachel Flanagan commented, “Memes are such an important part of our generation” while describing the significance of it. Sophomore Angela Recine described the account as something that “brings Morgan together.” Other students agree with this idea. Junior Cameron LeClaire addressed the importance of the account saying, “it brings back memories of the good times.”

Many students are even capable of mentioning their favorite tweet from the account, right off the tops of their heads. Junior Lily Cummings expressed her admiration for a tweet about “fedora-wearing freshman.” Angela said, “My favorite one was Mr. Messina at the safari.”
Morgan Memes

When asked what their favorite memes were, the majority of the students mentioned Gersz memes. Gersz memes are tweets and memes based on Physical Education teacher Peter Gersz, including a photo of him flexing and his yearbook picture. Sophomore Alex Rauccio praised them saying, “The Gersz memes are my favorite things in the world, I love them.”

Students recognized that content that mentions faculty members might be taken the wrong way. “It’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s always light,” commented Sophomore Ella Franzoni, addressing the issue. Sophomore Simon Hua said, “I think for the most part it’s just innocent banter. I get a good laugh from it.” Freshman Gavin Carlisle voiced his opinion on the matter: “I think that it’s fun, not actually trying to hurt faculty members’ feelings.” Gavin continued his idea and claimed that “we’re trying to pass around jokes, not be offensive.”

If you have a Twitter account, you should follow @MorganMemes to enjoy some funny, “fresh, local memes.”

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