Morgan Speaks Up


Written By Autumn Johnson and John Urban |

On May 23rd, 2017, a group of 30 Morgan students will be attending a presentation at the UConn School of Law in Hartford, Connecticut from 9:00 am- 1:30 pm. The conference these students will attend is Kids Speak 2017, which is hosted by The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

It will give students the opportunity to discuss and learn about equal protection, bullying, segregation and inteimg_3491gration. At this presentation, there will be a panel of state employees, lawyers, and professors from UConn. They will be answering different questions and discussing many different topics such as diversity, immigration, and equality.

The conference accepts students from 6th-grade through 12th grade. At the conference, the groups from the schools will be split up into smaller groups. This allows students to have more in-depth conversations and to share personal stories and experiences.

Regional Manager Attorney Lynda Rizzo-Stowe has volunteered at this conference for the past six years. Her favorite part of the conference listening to young people’s perspectives. Lynda stated, “It always impresses me how thoughtful students are about civil and human rights. It’s amazing to see the future talk about these very important topics.”

Each school can bring thirty students to the conference. This will be a fun-filled opportunity for Morgan students to meet new people and raise consciousness to crucial issues that people around the world may be facing.