Morgan Discovers Hidden Figures


Written by Emily Sordo and Ivan Villanueva |
Photo via IMDb and 20th Century Fox

On Friday, January 27, students enrolled in Physics or Earth and Space went on a field trip to the Marquee Cinemas in Westbrook to see the film Hidden Figures. This film is based on a true story about a team of African American women who worked with NASA to launch the program’s first successful space mission.

Physics teachehidden figuresr Abigail Walston and  Earth and Space teacher Colleen Whittel chaperoned the trip. Mrs. Whittel said “In Earth and Space we’re studying space and the space program right now, and it shows women in engineering, particularly African-American women, and how at that time in history they didn’t receive any credit. It’s educational because the students learn about the early space program, and the space race the United States had against Russia.” Mrs. Whittel says she can relate a bit to this movie because when she was in college, there was only one girl in her science classes and fifty men. Not only were women looked down upon, and not expected to have skilled occupations, but they were not expected to be in the field of science.

The students who went on the trip felt empowered when they walked out of the theater. Senior Alizay Sanchez said, “I think it was really meaningful, and it had great messages for us women. 10/10 movie.” Senior Hannah Gaudet said, “It made me very proud to be a woman.” “I thought the movie was very good. It made me proud and I teared up a little bit.” said Senior Matt Capece. 

This field trip was a treat for the Physics classes as well as the Earth and Space students!