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Read and Weep: The Memory Book


Written by Abbey Norton |

The Memory Book by Lara Avery
Realistic Fiction

Sammie is losing her memory, and she is totally not okay with that.

Sammie is set on going to college in NYU and staying away from her crush, Stuart Shah, a beautiful Indian writer who always wears all black and probably doesn’t even know her name. She is also set on winning Nationals with her debate partner, Maddie, who has a big red mohawk and is the closest thing to a friend that Samthe memory book openmie has. The one thing Sammie is NOT set on is dying. Nuh uh. No way.

She has Niemann-Pick Disease, a disease which makes her forget things, have temporary retardation, and, in the end, die. But she’s just a teenager! She can’t die! She has to focus on avoiding Stuart, and renewing her friendship with Cooper, and going to NYU, and totally not dying.

Niemann-Pick doesn’t care. It has other plans. Plans that can and will ruin her.

She doesn’t care, either. She’s Sammie and she will conquer Niemann-Pick, whether it’s possible or not.

Rate: Four and a half stars

Likes: Sammie is a very well-crafted character with genuine feelings and emotions. Her family is a well-built family, and they all care for her and make the book even better.

Dislikes: I hate love triangles. They make every single book even worse. If this book didn’t have a love triangle, it would have been so much better.

Overall, it was a fantastic and emotional novel full of love and important life choices.



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