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    Do You Even Lift, Bro?


    Written by Isaac Eriksen and Alyssa LeMay |
    Interviews by Isaac Eriksen, Alyssa LeMay, and John Urban |

    Maybe you want to use the weight room to get strong or in shape for sports, maybe to look good for that special someone, or maybe it just makes you feel better about yourself.  For whatever reason you might want to use the weight room, you can rejoice.  It’s finally open!  With the building and opening of the new school, students and athletes were rewarded with a brand new weight room.  The weight room is not as big as the one in the old school, but you most likely won’t have to get a shot after going in it because it is sparkling clean.  The new weight room, though small, is very nice.  There are two machines that can be used for bench press, squats, pull ups, and more. There is also a jammer machine which is for the whole body and multiple different cardio machines.
    Weight Room

    Many people are happy that the weight room is finally open. Now sports teams that are in need of a weight room can use it to get stronger and in better shape for the season.   Junior football player Patrick Wilson said,”I am excited because it now allows the football team to go in and get prepared for next season.  It also helps out other sports such as wrestling or baseball.”  

    Others are excited but also a little disappointed about the weight room.  Junior Sam Hauser said, “There are no leg machines, and that’s all I can use right now. It also is kind of small. It’s trashbucketty.  I want leg extensions. They’re my life.”  This is a common complaint. Junior Russell Green said, “It’s small. I think there should be more machines like leg stuff and some dumbbells.”  Physical Education teacher Peter Gersz has some good ideas that he thinks would benefit everyone.  He said, “They should make the current weight room the cardio room and turn one of the rooms not being used a lot into a weight room.”  

    Many students aren’t sure if they’re allowed to go in alone.  Whenever students have tried to go into the weight room to workout or just to check it out, it has been locked.  This is a big disappointment to many students.  Some students such as junior Ryan Farrell were planning on using the weight room with a friend after school.  Junior Courtney Viglione said, “It’s stupid that it’s always locked, and no one can use it when they want to.”  The overall analysis is summed up perfectly by Junior Emily Clark “Good Idea. Poor execution”.

    Athletic Director Kevin Rayel answered a few of the questions students have about the weight room. Mr. Rayel explained that “Students cannot be in the weight room without proper supervision. A Connecticut certified coach or teacher can be in there with students. With the permission from the school, an adult can be used in emergency situations.” 

    Mr. Rayel’s also addressed the equipment in the weight room.  According to Mr. Rayel, “New machinery has been ordered and should be here soon. At the end of every school year, the fitness center is evaluated and new items are replaced or added as required.” 

     Mr. Rayel explained the procedure coaches need to follow to use the weight room with their players. “Coaches come into athletics and ask about usage of the fitness center. They then have to contact other coaches to work collaboratively together and share the fitness center as needed. Players and coaches need to understand that they may have to share with other teams.” 

    Mr. Rayel did not see an issue with players using the fitness center. “As long as it is worked out with coaches and students are out by about 8 o’clock pm, then it is okay.” 

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