A Warm Climate at Morgan


Written By Quinn Pender|

How do you feel about the climate here at Morgan? Do you ever get treated differently or judged for what you do or how you look? Are people nice here at our high school or are people disrespectful? Our climate will be changing at Morgan slowly but surely once people treat each other with respect and accept others opinions and differences.

School Assistant Principal Tyler Webb went on a field trip a with a few students. The field trip was for a climate workshop that they attended all day on December 16th in Westbrook. Juliana Ragonese

Mr. Webb describes how “he is not always in the trenches” meaning he doesn’t see a lot of the bad things that happen here at Morgan. We talked about what he sees in the classrooms and halls and he said, “From what I see in the halls and when the teachers interact with the students it seems as if we have a good climate here at Morgan.” Mr. Webb explained that “It’s all about having good relationships with people and maintaining those relationships to grow stronger.”

Mr. Webb said that there may be a  student climate club here at Morgan. It all depends on what the students want to do.

Matt Capece The students who attended the conference in Westbrook had positive views about the meeting. Senior Julianna Ragonese said, ” The climate conference has impacted me in a positive way. It has made me a better person and also made me realize that I can be a positive role model for others in the building.”  Matt Capece said, “the workshop made me more conscious of other people’s behaviors and how to make sure people are creating a good school climate”.

A good school climate is important.  There are many good student and role models here at The Morgan School.  Follow their lead and show that you are kind and caring towards others in the school.