One Pint, Three Lives


Written by Lindsay Harden |
Photos by Lindsay Harden |

Every year The Morgan School National Honors Society holds blood drives. They are usually held every October and May; however, this year due to another event that was scheduled on the same day, the blood drive was moved to January.

There were both pros and cons to moving the event to January. One of the positives is that more students in the junior class have turned 17 in January, allowing for more potential donors. Despite this positive news, Ms. White and the rest of NHS still had trouble finding people to donate that met the Red Cross requirements.

The Blood Drive took place on Wednesday, January 4th: 39 people signed up to give blood, 8 were deferred, and 1 person did not give a full pint. All this together makes the grand total 30 pints of blood.

For every pint of blood donated the Red Cross is able to save three lives. From this blood drive, they were able to save 90 lives with the blood donated by Morgan students and staff.

Thank you to all who participated in both helping and giving blood!