A New Age of Morgan Spirit


Written By Nick Sneider|

For the past few years, The Morgan School has suffered from a lack of spirit. Everyone knows it and sees it, but in the past the school just didn’t care. The Morgan School has stepped into a new era. Even from the start of the year my friends and I could tell it was different. The fall sports had an air of excitement behind them, and I believe that it started with the spirit of the school.

Mr. Luther has led pep rallies for quite some time now and does a great job. He needed help from the kids who should have the most spirit out of everyone: The Seniors. During previous pep rallies there has been an unusual focus on class spirit instead of school spirit as a whole. Instead of cheering for the athletes and school, there were many cheers bashing or segregating classes. For the most part, the senior classes are to blame. They have been around longer, are the most confident, and can control the tempo and pace of the whole pep rally if they wanted to. Either they didn’t realize this ability, or they didn’t care, but that’s what the school needed. The school needed leaders.

This year we found some. The senior class this year has made an effort to change the dynamic of this school for the better. Mr. Luther asked a few of the seniors to help lead the pep rally, and it was a success. The entrance was well put together;  the games were a great hit, and the air of excitement for the game was more intense than ever before. This led to a great homecoming parade which let the town feed off of our excitement. This year’s Thanksgiving game had the biggest turn out and most enthusiastic fans I have ever seen. All this excitement carried over to the football team, and we broke the two game losing streak against OSW.

This has been a great step for Morgan as a school, and Morgan as a family. As the spirit and enthusiasm grows in the school, so will the bond between students and faculty. A good sense of school spirit will make this place more enjoyable by everyone. Keep up the good work, and don’t slow down. This was Nick Sneider. Stay classy, Morgan.

Morgan Spirit