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Theft At Morgan


Written by Drew Marzano, Isabella Recine, Calvin Jackson and Kitty Shortt |
Photos by Isabella Recine and Isaac Eriksen |

Since the start of school, students have been losing valuables to theft. Most of the reported lost items went missing from the gym locker rooms.

On Wednesday, December 21st, Principal Keri Hagness sent an email to everyone at Morgan to address the theft issue. The email mentioned three particular theft incidents that took place at our school.

TheftOn November 4th,  a Charming Charlie green wallet with $120 was taken from classroom A23 between 9:15 and 10:15 am. On December 7th, a diamond blue and white leather backpack containing a pair of black and silver Nike sneakers, a pair of black Nike shorts, $50.00 in cash, and a long sleeve Morgan Track shirt were taken from the girl’s locker room around 9:47 and 11:16 am. On December 19th, a new gold Apple iPhone 7 Plus was taken from either classroom A12 or A26 between 9:20 and 11:00 am.

All of these items were taken between 9:00-11:16 am. Previously it was thought that one thief was stealing things during his or her study or gym period, but because of the times the items were taken, it is unlikely that one person could go all over the school without arousing suspicion.

Morgan School Resource Officer Joe Popovich commented, “One-hundred percent of these thefts can be prevented. Students should keep their valuables on their person or in a locked locker. These measures will make it very unlikely for you to become a victim.” He also suggests using the Find My iPhone App if an iPhone has been lost or stolen. There also similar apps available on other devices.

If something has been stolen from you, inside or outside of school, make sure to report it to the Clinton Police. You can do this by visiting the Clinton Police Department Website and calling or emailing a police officer. 

Sophomore Kyle Burt who was in a 1st Semester gym class, had his gym bag stolen from him, which included his shoes, shirt, and deodorant. Kyle said, “I was confused as to why someone would take things that do not belong to them, especially when they are personal items.” 

Even though the locker rooms are locked from the hallway, many students in the middle of class go to the gym and enter through the locker rooms. Because the locker rooms are never locked from the gym, a thief can enter the gym locker rooms.

PE teachers Kate Iverson and Pete Gersz are trying thieftheir best to keep the students’ items safe and secure. Both gym teachers keep the locker room doors locked and give each student his or her own locker with a lock. A quick look around the locker room reveals that many students never even place their belongings in a locker. Those that do often leave the locker unlocked. Mr. Gersz believes that students can protect themselves from becoming a victim quite easily, “Use the lockers that we distribute with their proper locks… and lock up all your valuables…”.

Ms.Iverson and Mr. Gersz hope that the thefts will not continue into semester two.  Sophomore Sydney Church, who took Gym 1st semester, said, “I think that students should continue to be cautious of theft…It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Unfortunately, theft at Morgan is not new, read A Crime of Opportunity by Evan Doolittle to for information on early incidents.

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