Chromebook Controversies


Written By Quinn Pender & Autumn Johnson|

Chromebooks are becoming an issue for some of the students here at the Morgan School. Technology Specialist Damaris Rios feels that “the Chromebooks are being crushed between the books in their backpacks.” Numerous students have had issues with their Chromebooks, whether it is a cracked screen, broken mousepad, or issues with the internet.

chromebook-issuesThe big issues are cracked screens and dead batteries. To prevent cracked screens, scratches, and damages, Ms. Rios suggests that students should “be more aware and cautious of where they are putting their Chromebooks in their backpacks.” Throughout the week, Ms. Rios sees approximately 20 students who are experiencing some sort of problem.

“Refreshing or rebooting fixes 50% of the problems. On anything, not just your Chromebook, even your home devices.” Ms. Rios stated. Typically, when students come to her with a Chromebook that will not charge or turn on, it is because the battery is dead.

Senior Jillian Accetta experienced a broken Chromebook. She stated that “all my Google functions didn’t work, and my Chromebook completely crashed.” Similar to this, Freshman Jenna Scanlon “zoomed in using the “CTRL” and “+” buttons and it somehow messed up the internal display. Ms. Rios went into my settings and fixed it by hitting the recommended display.” Jenna still has the same Chromebook and has had no problems since.

Besides the broken Chromebooks, students have been misplacing them. Senior Sarah Jackson said “I lost my Chromebook and I sort of gave up looking for it because I thought I’d never find it again. I was at my girlfriend’s house, and I found it under her bed. I haven’t lost it since, but that was just last week.”

Overall, there have been a variety of different issues surrounding the Chromebooks. We are all very thankful for Ms. Rios who is able to fix the majority of these problems.