Float Building

Freshman Float

Freshman Float

By Kendra Dean|
Slideshow Photos by Shelby Church |


During the week of Thanksgiving, students returned to the school at 5 PM to help build their class float. The theme this year was popular international cities. The Seniors chose New York;  juniors had Hollywood, sophomores chose Las Vegas, and the freshmen had London. Because of Hurricane Sandy, we had to push float building a week forward. This stressed the leaders out. The biggest problem was that some of the classes were not ready. The freshmen had so much trouble that some of the upperclassmen came over and helped.  

Unfortunately, there were more complaints than positive comments about float building. Kailey Romanos said “organization was a big problem, and we needed people to take charge.”  Isabella Pitarra said, “ it was stressful and hectic; some of the people showed up and did nothing, except socialize.” Jara Torres sad, “they could have gotten a lot more done.” Which is true, if everyone came to work instead of socializing then the freshman’s float would have looked ten times better. Judy said, “ the freshman float was practically made out of cardboard. The whole thing was constructed using one material: cardboard.” Riley Smith donated a lot of cardboard to use, so they used it! Maybe if some people didn’t want to come or could not come, they could have donated some more material. The seniors’, juniors’, and sophomores’ floats looked amazing when parading around Clinton last Wednesday.

Even though the freshmen had some trouble, and the rest of the classes had a few problems, everyone in the end had a smile on their face!