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Wrapped Up in Line


Written by Karla Rivadeneira |
Pictures by Morgan PawPrint Staff and Karla Rivadeneira |

As soon as E period rolls around, everyone rushes to the cafeteria. Some bring their bagged lunch, others bring snacks, and some buy lunch at school. Our cafeteria offers a myriad of different foods, including hot lunch, salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

With the limited amount of time for lunch, sandwiches and wraps bring up a problem for students. There is only one lunch lady who prepares them for students and teachers. A long line is formed and students wait for a long time resulting in less time to actually eat the lunch.

Cook Assistant, Cindy Ellison, said that long lines are a problem, and “when the girls are done in the hot lunch line, one of them always tries to run over to the sandwich line to help Vivian out.”

Students have to wait in line because they are far away from the cafeteria and can not get there on time. Senior Miki Smallshaw explained, “I’m usually in the library and then I come down here and then the line is really long, so I have to wait a long time saladto get my wrap.”

Food Services Director Jon Siciliano believes that waiting in line is not a problem, “I think with the setup, if we got them through quicker, they would just probably be waiting in another line.” Students would get their food faster, but will eventually have to wait in line again in order to pay for it.

Salads are also a very popular option for lunch here at The Morgan School. Instead of having a salad bar, salads are pre-made and packaged. The cafeteria offers many options for the salads. Unfortunately, for students and faculty who have third lunch, sometimes the salads are all gone. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. You can order your own personalized salad! The staff will have it ready for you as long as it is ordered before 9 a.m.

If you don’t want to be wrapped in line, you can order your lunch beforehand.

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