A Story to Tell


Written by Autumn Johnson |

In the 2016-17 yearbook, there are multiple different opportunities for students to share their stories. The theme of the yearbook is “A Story to Tell.” There are 19 stories that will be shared throughout the book.

There are four freshmen, five sophomores, five juniors, three seniors, and two school-wide stories that will be featured this year. The yearbook staff took ideas from a variety of staff and students and chose the stories deemed most interesting.

The yearbook editors this year are Alyssa Robinson and Olivia DiGiandomenico. The featured story writers are Amanda LaRiviere, Autumn Johnson, Emily Soberiaj, Mackenzie Anderson and Abby Pitarra.

2015 yearbookSenior Amanda LaRiviere who is part of the yearbook staff stated that “It’s an amazing way to bring attention to students who don’t usually get recognized, whether it be for their unique interests, talents, or life stories. It’s nice to have some written pieces in the yearbook now, so instead of just looking back at old photos, we can read about what was going on.”

Senior yearbook editor Alyssa Robinson agreed that “It’s a great opportunity to get people who you don’t usually see in the yearbook out there. It’s also great so when we look back years from now we can look back and see all the unique things our classmates did.”

Junior Abby Pitarra is also participating in writing stories for the yearbook. She thinks, “It’s cool to find out what people think and do and how involved the students are. Also, it’s cool to hear about people you don’t always hear about.”

The goal for the yearbook is to have more options for students to be involved and to have a say. The yearbook is going to provide more spaces for a variety of students to share their experiences and feelings. The class of 2017 was sent a google form with fill-in-the-blank questions. They could “tell their story in 6 words” or answer “you know you’re a husky when _____.” The questions that students answered will be shared throughout the yearbook.

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