Flame of Cultures


Written by Karla Rivadeneira and Amanda LaRiviere |
Photos by Amanda LaRiviere and Karla Rivadeneira |

On Thursday, December 1st, 34 Spanish “estudiantes”  were inducted into Spanish National Honor Society and 5 French “élèves” were inducted into French National Honor Society.

Induction eligibility for Spanish students was changed this year. Due to the new accelerated program, sophomores taking Spanish IV were candidates. In the past, just juniors and seniors were eligible for induction. There was a change to the French criteria too. Instead of having to do 5 hours of French community service, the students were judged based on their class performance.

Senior Matt Capece explained that the ceremony was “very moving because after all that hard work I’ve put in and all the time that I’ve used to take Spanish, it’s kind of like a nice reward.” He also wants to thank Spanish Teacher Laura Luther and all his other Spanish teachers along the way because he “wouldn’t have been able to do it without [them].”

Sophomore Brittany Rojas has been taking Spanish since she was in Kindergarten. She explained that her favorite part of class is “getting to speak because not only are you improving for yourself…but you are also helping others.”

Félicitations to the new inductees of the French National Honor Society: Matthew Beauvais, Ashlyn Harris, Katherine Kozak, Brett Martin, and Robyn Vuilleumier.

Felicidades to the new inductees of the Spanish National Honor Society: Caleb Adams-Hull, Mackenzie Anderson, Beatrice Atengco, Gabrielle Bussiere, Matthew Capece, Andraya Carse, Sydney Church, Katherine Daley, Emily Ellal, Madison Emmi, Ella Franzoni, Allison Gardner, Johanna Gutierrez, Calvin Jackson, Garrett Johnson, Nina Kelly, Cameron LeClaire, Erin LeViness, Erin Lindsay, Kaitlyn Maurais, Olivia McCray, Morgan Mester, Sophia Muce, Nicholas Muratori, Hannah Nobitz, Chelsea Piccirillo, Brittany Rojas, Isabelle Ranaudo, Grace Roman, Madison Seeger, Kitty Short, Mary Kate Staunton, Antonio Tran, and Miles Waterbury.