A Playpen for the Mini Huskies


Written by Karla Rivadeneira |
Pictures by Karla Rivadeneira |

Remember when Joel got a new playground? It seemed necessary at the time to get a new one because the other one was on the verge of breaking. At the Morgan School, there will be an addition to the school soon,  and it is a playground. You might ask why would a high school need a playground. The answer is simple: Child Development.

In Child Development,  students study the minds of children from pre-natal care up through school age development. Family Consumer Science teacher Joanne Nunan teaches students the, “physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of all of those different stages.” Students do a variety of different activities in the classroom. Child developement preschool halloween

As a part of the class, students run a preschool for children ages 3-5 three times a week for 90 minutes. This year’s preschool schedule started after  Columbus Day and will run until Christmas vacation. For the preschool, Mrs. Nunan explained, “Each student has to write a lesson plan and run a preschool session. They have to have a theme and select a story that they have to read.”

The playground is an addition to the preschool program. The school is hoping to expand the program and have it run for a whole year instead of only running for less than a semester. They “hope it to get a program like Joel has.” Having a playground allows the children to spend time with their friends in a different environment.

Morgan PlaygroundSenior Jordyn Suraci is in Child Development and believes that the playground is,”gonna be good for the kids so that they can get outside because they have so much energy.”

Junior Emily Clark, also takes the class and said that her favorite age to learn about is,”the preschool age because you get to learn why they act the way they do.”

The new Morgan Playground will be up and running soon for the children to enjoy!