boys vs. girls


Written by Emily Sordo and Rachel Ford |

The annual fundraiser Dodge for a Difference is November 22nd at 5PM. Dodge for a Difference is a dodgeball tournament that Morgan organizes to raise money for a different cause each year. This year the money is going to the Clinton Food Pantry. The teams include the Morgan staff, Clinton Public Schools staff, two freshman teams, one sophomore team, two junior teams, two senior teams, an alumni team, junior firefighters team, and a REACT team.

dodge for a differenceSomething interesting that has been stirring up the class of 2017 about their teams in this year’s tournament is the gender barrier that was accidently created by the boy’s team. Unlike the underclassmen teams, the seniors have a team of all boys and a team of all girls. The senior boys made a team with only the guys, and once the girls heard about this they thought it would be interesting to create an all-girls team. Some were offended and accused the boys of being sexist, but captain Cooper Thompson explained the reality of the situation and said that gender had absolutely nothing to do with it! Nevertheless, the girls have been working hard to try to beat the boys. They’ve been having practices and running drills. THE GIRLS DO NOT MESS AROUND! Dodge for Difference is for fun, but for the senior’s girls, it has become a feminist movement.

Coach Hannah Gaudet is very involved with trying to coach a winning team. “I’m excited to lead my team to victory, especially against the boys. Us girls have been working very hard to get our skills up to par.” Senior Lindsay Harden is most excited to have some fun and have some friendly competition with the boys. “I’m really glad the girls decided to step it up and make their own team because we don’t have that much time left in high school.”

Even if they aren’t the best team, they know they’ll be the best dressed!

Come to Dodge For Difference next Tuesday for a good cause and some good competition!