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    Honk if You’re A Bad Driver!


    Written by Amanda LaRiviere and Karla Rivadeneira |
    Pictures by Karla Rivadeneira |

    From burnouts to bad parking jobs, some students at The Morgan School are concerned with the reckless driving in the school parking lot.

    Students expressed concern when asked about their feelings towards “bad” drivers.  Senior Abbey Norton explained, “People don’t stop at stop signs and that bothers me. Some people drive just so they can hear the noise of their car…” When asked who he thought was an example of a bad student driver, Senior Dashaun James said, “I think that Zatch just forgets that he’s driving.”

    Recently, the school has been leaving notes on students’ cars because students park in the visitor parking lot. The notes say that if they keep on parking in the visitor lot, then their car will be towed. Senior Aubry Allen received one of them and explained that she parks there because “sometimes I’m running late to school, and it’s the closest spot….It’s hard to park my giant car in between people that can’t park very well.” Senior Bad parkingAlex Church also agrees with Aubry, claiming, “I think that we should be able to park closer to the school.”

    Senior Liam Gordon was mentioned by many students as being a reckless driver. This did not surprise him at all, but he said that his behaviors have changed and will continue to change. He claimed that people who drive fast cars will purposely drive them fast for enjoyment, “I like to punch it when I get out of school because it’s fun.” However, if he gets another speeding ticket, he will not be able to get the job he wants in the future. He also believes that other students are bad drivers because “most of us have had our licenses for under a year.” A final statement from Liam is not to take his parking spot!

    On the topic of burnouts, Senior Julia Zirkelbach commented, “It’s just concerning not only for people who are trying to leave school, but there are parents watching.” Senior Juliana Ragonese also claimed, “They’ll be in front of me and drive really, really fast as soon as they get out of the parking lot…It’s dangerous.”

    Senior Burton Caldwell was also mentioned for being a bad driver, but according to him, this is not the case. He claimed, “…sometimes people have opinions, and those opinions are wrong.”

    After mentioning that students are concerned with burnouts and speeding, Officer Popovich stated, “I haven’t noticed it personally,…but I have been told that it is an issue.”

    So, what do you think? Are most Morgan students bad drivers?


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