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Trick Hoops and Alley Oops

Harlem Wizards

Written by MacKenzie Miller |
Photos by MacKenzie Miller and
The World Famous Harlem Wizards |

On October 23rd at 2:00 p.m. the World Famous Harlem Wizards arrived at The Morgan School. The Wizards played against the Hometown Huskies as a fundraiser for the Class of 2017 Project Graduation. As they promised, the Wizards “…pumped up our fundraising while providing an enthusiastic community building event.” On that Sunday afternoon, their slogan; “Trick hoops and alley oops” came to life as they put on a show for the crowd. In the lower hub, an array of Harlem Wizards merchandise was available as well as a concession stand in the cafeteria.

The game is usually at night and during the week in November. The turnout could have been affected this year because the game was on a Sunday afternoon in late October, but it was actually better than expected. The bleachers of the new Morgan gym were filled with lively children accompanied by their parents and other great people from the Shoreline.

Not only did the game provide entertainment but numerous factors also benefitted Project Grad 2017. Any and all money made from the concession stand and sponsors was kept and used toward Project Grad. Additionally, 10% of sales from merchandise and 45% of ticket sales contributed to the Class of 2017.

Harlem Wizards
Harlem Wizard showing off a skill.

Although the Wizards-Huskies game was open to people of all ages, Co-Chairwoman Kathy Suraci shared what she noticed. Kathy believes, “It is geared more toward Joel and Pierson aged children because they seem to be more entertained by the Wizards. Also, some of the players for the Hometown Huskies are the elementary school teachers so the kids revel in watching them [teachers] on the court.”

The Harlem Wizards very-own, DP Team member, Smooth, approved of the level of participation with kids during the events. “I love having the kids out here to help us participate and come out to see the show,” said Smooth, “a lot of people don’t get to meet professional athletes all the time so this is a great way to meet someone up-close and personal and it’s for a good cause: the community. So it’s always a lot of fun to do this for students younger and older, and adults as well!”

DP Team member of the Harlem Wizards
Smooth. DP Team member of the Harlem Wizards

Additionally, the Wizards did not just involve the Hometown Huskies in their event but also crowd members, Morgan cheerleaders and event staff like police officers . This provided for a variety of entertaining moments full of laughter and awe over their skills. On behalf of Chairwoman Lisa Harden, “The Wizards game was hilarious. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to all teachers, students, police officers, Clinton staff and parents for all your help.”

It is safe to say that the Harlem Wizards game of 2016 was a large success. It is something the town of Clinton looks forward to each year as it brings the community together for a good cause and a fun-filled event.

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