Which Witch is Which?


Photos by Gabby Vigorito, Abby Pitarra and Erin LeViness

Juniors took a field trip to The Webb Deane Stevens Museum in Wethersfield, CT. Students toured two colonial houses and a town graveyard. They learned about the history of the people that lived in this time. Juniors went on this field trip on October 27th because the students are reading The Crucible and other stories set in colonial times. This field trip benefited students because the tour guides described daily lives of ordinary people.

At the Museum, students saw the bad conditions endured by the colonists. Disease spread fast throughout the community because they weren’t very educated on health problems. They didn’t know about sterilizing needles, and they had children sleep in the same bed when they were ill. This would spread disease. Sanitation was also a problem since outhouses were near wells.  Students made sachets while the instructor in one of the homes explained that since colonists did not bathe, they needed the sachets to cover the smells.

Students enjoyed experiencing the Webb Deane Stevens Museum despite the cold and snowy weather.