Student of the Week: David Chittenden

The student of the week is David Chittenden. David is a ballet dancer! Read about his cool experience below.

Me: When did you start pursuing ballet? What drove you to this decision?

David: I started in seventh grade. I had been part of Ahavah for two years as a non-dancer but my best friend was. I really wanted to be a bigger part so I started and haven’t looked back.

Me: Where do you dance? Is the practice demanding/is it competitive?

David: I attend the Christian Academy of Dance. It’s not at all competitive. It is very demanding physically and mentally.

Me: What is your favorite/least favorite thing about ballet?

David: My favorite part is definitely having such a structured and rigorous activity that I can continue to improve in. My least favorite part is probably the muscle pain after long days, but it’s still worth it.

Me: Do you see it as a career path for you?

David: No, not as a career, but I do hope to continue dancing wherever I go.

Me: Did ballet change you in some way, mentally?

David: Yes. It’s helped me think in a more structured manner because ballet is very structured. It is always a challenge in classes and rehearsals both mentally and physically.

Hopefully you will attend Ahavah to possibly watch David perform! Remember, if you have a candidate for Student of the Week, let us know by emailing [email protected] or talking to Maina Carey.