Let’s Get Real: Soccer Games


Nick Sneider

Written by Nick Sneider|Usually when there is talk about a game, it’s about the players. In this case, the spectators are the focus of attention. Some people say that kids are getting kicked out of games; others have no knowledge of what is going on. For the people that are clueless, I will try to clear it up for you.

Mr. Graham is the adult who goes to all of the games and makes sure that we are being respectful. Although no set rules are in place, he thought it was  clear what could be said and what could not. In any case, I asked him for some specifics. He said that if we wouldn’t say it in school, it shouldn’t be said during the game. He also said that spectators can’t draw attention to any specific person, especially the refs. Only a total of three people have been “removed” from the spectator section, and they were never kicked out of the game, just asked to move away from other students.

I interviewed a student that had a firsthand experience. Ronnie Buchetto was removed from a game for a reason that I don’t really agree. Does “Ref, are you calling the game or are the fans?” sound like a phrase that  someone should get reprimanded for? I understand that it was because he singled out the refs, but a warning would be fine. What made this really blow up out of proportion is that his captainship was threatened. Something like this doesn’t deserve that kind of punishment. Ronnie is obviously just passionate about the game and wants to be a part of it even though he can’t be on the field.

Mr. Graham gave the students of The Morgan School a very nice complement. During a game, some students from the town of Old Saybrook showed up highly intoxicated and very rowdy. They were removed by the police. Mr. Graham was very happy to say that the students at Morgan have never acted anything like this. He has never noticed any drink or smelt anything on anyone’s breath. He said he is very proud to have a group of kids like the ones we do at Morgan. I’m happy to say I am too.

This was: Let’s get real with Nick Sneider, thanks for reading.