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The Final Countdown – Presidential Debate #3


Written by Drew Marzano |
Photos from CNN, ABC News, Fortune, and Gossip on This |

debateThis past Wednesday was an important day in political history, but why? This is the last debate that Hillary Clinton, the first female political nominee, and Donald Trump will ever participate in before November 8th. This debate took place at Nevada University in Las Vegas, NV and lasted 90 minutes.

The latest polls show that Clinton is ahead of Trump. Trump’s downfall started in July after his comments about the Kahn Family at the Democratic National Convention, followed by his offensive comments in 2005. Clinton is also in hot water, as more of her leaked e-mails continue to rattle her campaign. As a result of this controversy, this can be a very interesting election.

Here are some highlights of Wednesday’s debate.

Question 1 – The Supreme Court – Where do you want to see the court take our country?

Clinton started by saying, “[The court should] stand on the side of the American people and not the wealthy. [We should] stand up and say no to Citizens United. I have major disagreements with my opponent. Stand up for the rights of people. [It ] Should represent all of us.”

Trump responded, “It is so imperative that we have the right justices. We need a supreme court that will uphold the 2nd Amendment, if my opponent should win this race, the 2nd Amendment will be a small representative of what it is now. I have named 20 justices that I want to appoint.”

After answering the main question, the topic shifted from the Supreme Court and onto the topic of abortion, of which both candidates responded.

Clinton stated, “In this case, it’s not about Roe v Wade (court case about abortion)…many states are defunding Planned Parenthood.” She attacked Trump by claiming that he tried to shut down the government to get the issue about Planned Parenthood resolved.

Trump’s response contained content that is a little too sensitive to mention. He did claim, however, “If we put another 3 justices on [the court], the issue of abortion will be going back to the states.”

Question 2 – Issue of Immigration – Why are you right and why is your opponent wrong?

debate 4Trump claimed, “There are people being killed by people who are coming into this country illegally. Drugs are coming into our country illegally. We are getting the drugs, and they are getting cash. We need the wall; we [need to] stop drugs [from coming in illegally]. We have bad people in our country and we need to get them out. We have no country if we have no border.”

Clinton responded, “I’m thinking about a young girl, Carla, who is in fear because her parents [might] get deported. I don’t want to rip families apart. Law enforcement officers would be going everywhere to get them out of our country. This is an idea that will rip this country apart. [I am with] getting rid of any violent persons. [I want] comprehensive immigration reform.”

Question 3 – Economy – Why do you think your plan will create growth and more jobs for this country and why won’t your opponents plan will not?

Clinton claimed, “[I] want to create new jobs and new businesses. 2/3 of the jobs come from small businesses. Women should deserve equal pay. Donald’s plan will lose jobs and make the biggest tax cuts ever, [like] trickle down economics on steroids; his plan he has will create another recession. [I] will not add a penny to the debt.”

Trump responded, “Her plan will raise taxes and double taxes. We protect Saudi Arabia, why aren’t they paying? [It’s] hard to get them to pay up when you tell them how great they are. I am a big fan of NATO. During Obama, we’ve doubled our national debt. We need more free trade. Our jobs being sucked out of the economy.”

Question/Topic 4The Military Advance in Mosul

Clinton responded, “I will not put soldiers in Iraq. That would be a big red flag for ISIS. It is a hard fight to press into Syria. We will see a really successful military operation. We need to keep our eye on ISIS. We shouldn’t let terrorists buy weapons.”

Trump claimed, “Mosul is sad. We had it until Clinton took everyone out, and it got taken over. All the good generals are spinning in their graves. We did this because she’s running and we want to look tough, we allied with Iran. [We] are backing the rebels.”

Question 5 – If you impose a “No Fly Zone” and someone disrespects it, can you shoot the plane down?

Clinton answered, “Our purpose is to provide safe zones. I’m not going to slam the door on families and kick them out of the country. Let’s identify the threat and find out how we are going to conquer it.”

Trump responded, “We are so outplayed on missiles. Our country is so outplayed by Putin, Assad, and people can’t believe how stupid our country is.”

Question 6 – Why are both of you ignoring the national debt?

debate 5Trump answered, “We can go higher when we create a tremendous economic machine again. I’m going to create a kind of a country that we used to be. We have become very sloppy. We use political hacks to negotiate our trade deals. We need to be much tougher on trade.

Clinton responded “I wonder what he thought. America was Great. It’s important to recognize that he has been criticizing our government for decades. I paid for everything I’m proposing. I will not add a penny to the national debt. Everyone should pay their fair share.”

This final debate was the last debate any of these candidates had to prove their points before the final election. It is a mystery who will be elected president, and the person who wins on November 8th was clearly the winner of this, and all past debates.

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