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Read and Weep: Highly Illogical Behavior


Written by Abbey Norton |

Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley

Realistic Fiction


Solomon Reed is a completely normal teenager, other than his acute agoraphobia and panic disorder. But he does normal teenage things, like turning his garage into a Star Trek-inspired holodeck and never leaving his house. Of course, he knows that not all teenagers do this, but he feels perfectly fine where he is. He will live in his house forever, and he is alright with that.

Lisa Praytor is determined to get into the second-best psychology program for college and needs to write an amazing essay to get in free. She suddenly remembers Sol, the boy who had a panic attack and laid down in a fountain, and knows the only way to get into her dream college is to counsel him into getting better. She needs to fake a friendship for the greater good of the community.

Sol’s life will never be the same.

Rate: four stars

Likes: Solomon and Lisa’s boyfriend Clark are amazingly written characters. The book reads very well, and it is pretty easy to read.

Dislikes: I hate Lisa. She is determined using Solomon is for good, but everything she does is for herself.

Overall, it was a worthwhile read. It will make you smile and frown. You’ll want to react physically to this book.


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