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There’s More!? – Presidential Debate #2


Written by Drew Marzano |
Photos from The Duran, Conservative Outfitters, CNN News, and BBC News, and Earn The Necklace |

DebateThis past Sunday, October 9th was yet another presidential debate. This debate was “town hall style” because a select group of people got to ask the candidates their specific questions. This is the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which took place at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. With only 3 weeks to go until the election, it is really coming down to the wire.

However, this debate takes place right in the middle of a controversy surrounding Donald Trump. He is under fire for offensive comments that he made back in 2005. Hillary Clinton might have a bigger edge than ever after this debate, and it is unclear if Trump will recover.

A total of 13 questions were asked at the debate. This article will only highlight 7. The rest can be found in the actual debate by clicking here.

  • Question 1 – Do you feel that you’re modeling appropriate behavior for our youth?

Clinton responded, “We are going to be respectful to each other, reach out to every adult to bring them in for working for our country.” She also mentioned how people working together can achieve big goals, “[We want the] best future for our children.”

Trump claimed, “I agree with Hillary. I began this campaign because I disliked the things that are going on in our country. My whole concept was to Make America Great Again,” also describing how he wanted to bring back respect to law enforcement and make the cities better for all races.

  • Topic 1 – Donald Trump’s Comments

DebateTrump responded, “I’m not proud of it, I apologize to my family and the American people…I’m very embarrassed by it.” and continued to elaborate on ISIS, seemingly dodging to discuss the matter in any further detail.

Clinton had a different response, “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what happened…What we saw and heard on Friday, [this] is what he thinks and does to women.” and went on to say, “Yes it is who he is. He has also targeted immigrants. The question our country must answer is we are not who we are.”

  • Topic 2 – Hillary Clinton’s emails

Clinton claimed again, “My emails were a mistake and I apologize for them. I would not repeat what I did if I were to go back… [I take] any classified materials very seriously. [There is] no evidence that any classified information ended up in the wrong hands.”

Trump fired back, “[You] think it’s fine to erase all your emails? [You’re] saying there’s nothing wrong. You say [there’s] nothing wrong deleting emails. Again you should be ashamed of yourself.”

  • Question 6 – How will you help people deal with the consequences of being a threat to the country? (This question was asked by a person who came into our country)

DebateTrump responded, “Whether we like it or not, we have to let them in and report any potential hatred that is happening. When we [try to] send them back, and they don’t want them, we will force them back.” Trump attacked Clinton by saying she has bad judgment.

Clinton claimed, “Unfortunately, there has been bad things said [about the immigrants and they have been] subject to attack. America is where everyone has a place. Do your part and contribute to the community. [I] want to welcome everyone.” Clinton also mentioned that she will not let anyone in America that poses a risk.

  • Question 7 – Is it OK for politicians to have 2 faces and have a private stance on issues?

Clinton responded, “It is hard sometimes to make Congress do what you want them to do. Our intelligence community said the Kremlin (Putin) [is] directing the attacks on American accounts to affect our election.”

Trump claimed and attacked Clinton by saying, “[She has] said things, lied, and blaming the lie. I don’t know Putin, I think it would be great if we can get along with Russia so we can stop ISIS.”

  • Question 9 – Do you believe that you can be a devoted president of the US?

donald-trump-and-hillary-clintonTrump responded, “Absolutely. We’ll turn our inner cities around. I would be a president for all of the people.” He attacked Clinton, “Her husband created the worst trade deal ever. [We] lost our money and jobs. She lied about a lot of things. As usual, she talks about it, [but] nothing happens.”

Clinton claimed, “67% of the people wanted to re-elect me. I have tried my entire life to try to do what I can to support our children and families. I’m proud of the public service working against discrimination.”

  • Question 12 – What steps will your energy policy take to help our country?

Trump commented, “Energy is under siege…Killing our energy business. With all forms of wind and solar energy, Clinton wants to put all of the minors out of business. Because of technology, we have found [a] tremendous amount of coal.”

Clinton responded, “China is illegally stealing steel out of our country, and Trump is buying it…We are producing a lot of natural gas, which is an important transition. We have enough worries but not relating to energy. [We are going to be] fighting climate change, [and] supporting the move toward more clean and renewable energy.”

The next and last presidential debate before the election is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th.

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