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Isabella Pitarra: College Life

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Written by: Gabby Vigorito and Abby Pitarra |

Morgan 2016 grad Isabella Pitarra is a freshman at Flordia Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers FL. She chose this college because she is majoring in nursing, and it has the best nursing program in Flordia. She was very set on going to Flordia for the weather and just the feeling of being away and in college. When she first visited the college, it just blew her mind, and she fell in love. All the people were very nice, and she just felt like she fit right in.

flordia gulf coast

Isabella shared how she feels about college and what she misses about Connecticut. She said “College is very different from high school. You are all on your own, and you need to learn how to manage your time, go to classes and do good, study but also take care of yourself and live on your own.” Her favorite thing about college is the freedom of being on her own and mainly the hot weather all year round. She liked all of her professors, and she gets along very well with all of the students and roommates. She thought being so far away from home would be a little different and easier. She is all by herself and being on her own and being so far away from home is hard. It’s not just a little ride up the road. It is a 4-hour plane ride.

Academics are going very well for her. Her classes are good, but she said it is also very challenging and different from high school. “No one tells you what homework has to be turned in and when essays are due. You have to look it up in the syllabus and know thisabella pitarrae notes to take during classes and write down everything that the professors say. The class size is huge so it is really hard to focus, and no one tells you to go to class. If you skip, they know and it only hurts you.”

Isabella is very content with her school. The people are insanely friendly. She talks to everyone everywhere even if she does not know them. Everyone has something in common. She has more genuine friendships.

Morgan was a very special and memorable place for Isabella. She misses being so close to everyone, the sports games and being a part of the student sections. She misses knowing everyone around her and the support and helpfulness that she got from the teachers at Morgan.isabella pitarra

Clubs and activities are a big part of Flordia Gulf Coast. Isabella rushed her first year and tried to get into a sorority. She was very nervous because she really wanted to get in. After a crazy weekend of rushing, she got into a sorority. ZTA stands for Zeta Tau Alpha. She is very happy with that group because they meet every Sunday, and they have a bunch of activities with the school or just in the sorority and fraternity. She has participated in a walk for cancer, she’s helping out with kids with special needs called winter games. Overall everyone is very accepting and very nice.

Isabella is majoring nursing. She was inspired by her mom that works in the Emergency Room as an operating nurse. She has been inspired ever since she was little. ” I am not in the nursing program yet. I have to make my way up there and I will be put in my sophomore year.” She is working very hard in all of her classes this to get into the nursing program next year.

” My advice would be college is no joke, find somewhere that you really love because you are spending 4 years of your life here and as much as it sucks manage your time. Figure out how to fit everything in and don’t overwhelm yourself. Keep in touch with your friends and family because you will get lonely but do go out, try new things, put yourself out there and say hi to everyone. Lastly, do not miss class no matter what because you will be farther behind than you could even image and have a mental breakdown.”

Overall, Isabella is having a great time in college and is looking forward to her 4 years at Florida Gulf Coast.









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