The Superheroes of the Morgan School



Written by Maina Carey|

Kendra and I attended the leadership field trip last Friday, October 19th. It was hosted by CT Camp Guys, two men who teach camp counselors how to obtain the correct leadership skills for their job. Their formula for success is using superheroes as role models for a perfect leader. They refer to us, the leaders, as superheroes and give examples of qualities superheroes possess. It’s an effective way to teach their course. Although the activities they make us do are a tad childish, such as pretending to be superheroes, it serves a purpose. On a more serious note, they put us into small groups and talked about our strengths and weaknesses. It gave us a chance  to open up to share with others .  We both agree that we’ve learned a lot, and it was a simple but effective field trip. Hopefully, the school board will approve more leadership field trips next year, as everyone has the potential to be a winner!