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Where’s That Room?


Written by MacKenzie Miller and Autumn Johnson |

Previously, The Old Morgan School was set up by departments.  All the social studies classes, for example, were in the hallway in the front of the old Morgan. Now, in The New Morgan, we have academic wings instead, and teachers have new neighbors. Department classrooms are no longer specifically next to or across from another room that is teaching the same general subject. Some teachers have old neighbors who are now all the way across the school on opposite floors.

Both students and teachers have to adjust to this change because they can’t just memorize their classroom by hallways anymore. We have to know exactly what side of the building our classes are on and which floor as well.

Social Studies Teacher Rachel Antle spoke out about her new location at the school. “I enjoy being with other faculty members that I normally would not see often. However, our department still has to function as a social studies department, and that can be difficult when half of the department is in the 11-12 academy and the other half is in the 9-10 academy. We also don’t have the same prep time anymore which makes collaborating in the department challenging.” Mrs. Antle is now located on the third floor of the A Wing.

Here at the Old School, all English teachers are together in the same hall
Here at the Old Morgan School, all English teachers are together in the same hall

Mathematics Teacher Paige Trusty said, “I like being mixed up, really. I kind of miss seeing Mr. Underwood, Mr. Samet and Mr. Garb every day so it’s a little weird having to go all the way across the school to see them since I never really leave this hallway. I like being able to see the science teachers and getting to know other people so I can’t complain.” Ms. Trusty is now located in the D Wing on the bottom floor

Another teacher who is on the bottom floor of the D Wing is Mathematics Teacher Stephanie White. Even though she is near Ms. Trusty still she said, “I am enjoying getting to know different teachers than I was with before, but at the same time, I miss being able to collaborate with my entire department and having that common prep time.”

One major change up in locations is with the support staff. At the Old Morgan, the guidance counselors and Guidance Secretary Janet Thieler were all located in the same suite. The school’s Social Worker Maureen Tranquilli and Psychologist Sarah Thomas were separated from guidance even though they were doing somewhat similar work with students. Now, in The new Morgan School, the student support center consists of our guidance secretary, guidance counselors, social worker and psychologist.

Mrs. Tranquilli said,  “ I’m going to be honest, with every change, change can be good; change can be bad.  I think this is a positive, but it is also something that takes some getting used to.”

In the end, no matter if you are a student or staff member in the new school, there is at least one change that requires some adjustment time but will be for the better. Do you like the new setup?


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