Amber Vuilleumier: College Life


img_4930Written by: Gabby Vigorito and Abby Pitarra |

Amber Vuilleumier is a freshman at Endicott College in Massachusetts. She chose Endicott because the school has a great internship and study abroad program, along with a safe campus. She also likes the community and environment.  She is enjoying the college life. This college has offered her so much that it is hard to find time to do everything.

Her favorite thing about college is the new people she’s meeting that have the same interests she does. She likes creating her own schedule and having her own priorities. Her least favorite thing is the limited time throughout the week to get everything done.

Amber says that the classes are interesting. img_3536She was able to pick her courses according to her major, interior design.  The hefty workload makes it a  little difficult but fun at the same time. She said that the people at Endicott are nice, and they always lend her a hand when she needs help. She lives in an all girls dorm so she has made lots of friends already.

She misses the fact that she can make a difference at Morgan. College is such a big environment that it’s harder to get her name out there. She is currently doing volleyball as an intramural sport, and she’s been trying to join clubs in her free time. She is involved in Relay for Life, which is a big night activity event that helps benefit cancer patients.  She is on the publicity team for this event. She joined Interior Design Club and Art/Photo Club, but she doesn’t know if she can commit to both. She also got a job on campus so she is trying to juggle school, jobs, clubs, and sports.

As an interior design major, she wants to help design large homes and resorts. She now has to complete multiple internships that will give her a feel for all different areas of her career. Her advice to the seniors that are going to college next year is to “apply fast and do not wait until deadlines or else you will stress out. Check each week for scholarships and complete them right away. save them! You may be able to use the same parts of the essay in another scholarship. And enjoy your senior year. There’s nothing like it. Make sure to make a footprint.”