Dodge For A Difference Is Back


Written by: Quinn Pender|

Dodge for a difference is right around the corner! This is the 3rd year that students from The Morgan School and people from the community have participated in the Dodge for a Difference event. English teacher Heather O’Brien, Biology teacher Chris Luther,Spanish teacher Laura Luther, and English teacher Leslie Chausse help organize the event. Dodge for a Difference raises money for different causes each year.  The first year the proceeds went to Clinton Social Services.  Last year the proceeds went to Morgan grad and Clinton Public Schools instructional assistant Tracey McDonnell.

Students may play on one team in the tournament. Each team will have 10 students.  Each student pays $10 to play on a team. The class officers are in charge of organizing teams for their classes.  Sports teams or clubs may also organize teams. Once students have 10 players and the $10 from each player, they should bring the money and the completed form to Mrs. Chausse in room A40.

On November 3rd, 2016 there will be an advisory kick off for Dodge for a Difference. The students on each team will be revealed. There will also be a promotional video for Dodge for a Difference.

Students and staff enjoyed participating in Dodge for a Difference. Sophomore JP Nye said “It was fun because there was a lot of people there and that made it really exciting. There was a good vibe about it.” Officer Popovich told me that “It was a great event. Participating with the kids was one of the best parts, interacting with the students as well. It was fun to have a law enforcement team.”Sophomore Krystina Lecuyer and Mr. Gersz both said that the event was for a good cause and that they liked working with different people.