Humanities Fires it Up


Written by Becca Raab|
Photos by Becca Raab and Linda Gworek

On October 19th, the seniors in Humanities took a field trip to Yale Art Gallery. We left school after second period and returned back before the school day ended. Our first stop was to Yale Art Gallery, where we were given a tour by the time periods and by the  locations of the art. It was cool how we were able to comment and relate because we have learned about some of this art and the styles since school  started this fall. We are lucky to have Mr. Serenbetz as such a great teacher because we were able to have a conversation about the art. I talked to David Chittenden, who thought the trip was interesting because we could see the progression of history through the art. The Yale Art Museum is special because it has actual pieces, not replicas of the art. Seeing these pieces and pictures in person and not just on the internet or a book is amazing!

The second stop was to Fired Up in Branford, where we were able to paint our own pottery. The students could choose different pieces of pottery ranging from pitchers to plates. I decided to paint a plate with my last name in the middle, so after my piece is displayed at The Morgan School, it can be displayed at home. Many of us were also able to create a tile if we finished early enough. David says he created a “an abstract chalice that was decorated with different designs.” We could paint and design the pottery however we wanted. The only rule that we had to follow was we had to use red shades or black paint to either create the Classical or Archaic styles. Once all our pieces have been fired they are going to be put in a display case here at The Morgan School. I cannot wait to see how they all come out!