Student of the Week: Jenna Jasinski

Written by Maina Carey |

This week’s featured student is Jenna Jasinski, a freshman with colossal dreams and a bright future. She is one of the best dancers I know, and you can tell she’s definitely going to go places! Read about her interesting lifestyle below.

Me: What dance school do you attend? What types of dance do you do?

Jenna: I attend The Dance Connection in East Haven, CT. The types I do are jazz, musical theater, tap, lyrics, pointe, and hip-hop.

Me: Which do you prefer?

Jenna: The type that I prefer is musical theater because there is acting along with it. In other words, I portray a character.

Me: Does anyone else in your family dance?

Jenna: Yes. My two sisters dance as well. We started dancing because we had that background; my mom used to dance.

Me: Do you see dancing as a future career path?

Jenna: I see dancing synced into a future career path that I wish to take. I want to be an actress as my future career and being a dancer gives me a greater chance than others.

Me: How do you think dancing has changed you as a person?

Jenna: Dance has changed me as a person because it made me realize that there is a whole other world out there somewhere than just the world I live in. It also has shaped my character. It keeps me occupied, and I won’t be able to do anything or go anywhere except school, home, dance, and anywhere on the weekends. I am not like normal teens. My second home is literally my dance studio.

Thank you, Jenna, for your contribution. I learned a lot about you and hopefully others that did not know you very well did too.

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