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The New Chromebooks at The New Morgan


Written by Maddy Greenhouse and Katie Schrempp|

This year, students and faculty at Morgan are excited about  the new Chromebooks.  The Chromebooks give students a chance to do their school work nearly everywhere they go. They provide electronic folders to keep students neat and organized throughout the school year.

The new Chromebooks have many benefits. Social studies teacher Emily Russell thinks that it is great that “We can use Google Classroom, and you guys can access assignments there and so far I am really loving it as a teacher.” She also goes on to tell us that she has incorporated the Chromebooks into almost all of her classes this year.

Junior Nadine Khalifa tells us ” If there’s an assignment you forgot to do, you can just check your email, and they will just be on Google Classroom.” Many of the Morgan students feel as though the Chromebooks make their lives easier as a student.

Sophomore Matt Ford said.” I don’t have to wait till I get home to type an essay.”

“It’s just so easy to keep track of homework,” Nadine said. Freshman Amber Corrigan  finds that it is easier to store assignments  that teachers give her instead of keeping them in physical folders.

Senior Autumn Johnson is concerned about her Chromebook. She says  “I don’t like that they don’t come with a case because I’m kind of clumsy, and I haven’t bought one yet.” chromebook

Students think that the accidental damage program is a good idea in order to keep the Chromebooks safe from things such as spills and scratches. The  Chromebook insurance is $30.00. It provides the students with a new charger if they lose theirs or if it is stolen. The insurance provides free repair to the student’s computers up to two times during the school year.

Other students think  that the accidental damage program is a waste of money. Sophomore Marie Kane stated, ” I believe I won’t drop it. It won’t ever get damaged because it’s always in my backpack”. Students don’t think that they will need the accidental damage program if they are careful with their Chromebooks. Students believe they didn’t receive enough time to fill out the accidental damage program worksheet. They feel that the times and dates should be clearly announced each day along with the date that this program ends.

If any students are having difficulties with their Chromebooks they can go to the library and ask to see Morgan IT support technician Damaris Rios.

“The only problem that I have had was that it doesn’t connect to my printer at home,” said  Sophmore Zach Leach .” Some students don’t like the idea of using the internet for all of their work. Almost everything now is done electronically so homework is online, and I just like the feeling of doing it old school,” said Senior Karla Rivadeneira. She feels that it is a transition from going to writing in a notebook to typing on the computer.

Teachers such as Ms. Russell worry that “Students will get distracted by them and not pay attention.”

For more information about Morgan’s 1:1 Chromebook program, visit the Chromebook website created to answer questions and provide support for the Chromebooks.

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