First Impressions


Written by Ashley Miller and Isabella Recine |

Food CourtWith a new school, lots of things may go wrong and change dramatically. Schedules change, rules change, even the “lunch room” turning to “the food court” changed.

Multiple teachers have  pleasant first impressions of this new building. Science Teacher Colleen Whittel said “Morgan is such a beautiful, very open and sunny building. It’s a great way to start new beginnings and enforce ‘We are Morgan. We are family.’” The building is a great way to start all new beginnings and to be yourself and strive to do your very best.

English teacher Paul Beckett said, “My first impression of the school was that it was completely breathtaking. The design is so beautiful, and it’s so much more than just a school.” Some even thought the school was classy and modern.  

Pamela Neri, art teacher said,  “I love the windows, classrooms and everything about the school. It makes me feel like I’m in a different town!”

The new Morgan is so open to new opportunities. Mathematics teacher Paige Trusty, said, “I am beyond excited about this new upcoming school year with all of the new opportunities open to us.”  Students and teachers were all supplied with new technology. Chromebooks were given out for easy accessibility to the internet. 

Although the new school is an honor to work in, there are some downsides to it according to  students and teachers. Varsity girls locker roomSome concerns of students/teachers are  the chairs, the crowded lunchroom, the dripping AC, the inadequate passing time, the cramped sports locker rooms, new confusing technology, the rules prohibiting the decoration of the walls or lockers, all the changes in the schedule and all the stairs. Mr.  Beckett and Mrs. Neri agree that they both have posters that they want to hang on the walls, but unfortunately, can’t. Students are no longer able to decorate the outside of their lockers for various occasions such as guardian angels and birthdays.

Many students claim that the AC works really well, but it starts to drip when it gets too humid. The AC drips on the tables causing damage to Chromebooks and students papers. Hopefully, that will be fixed before it starts Chairgetting warm again. An increase in passing time would be beneficial to students and teachers. Ms.Trusty and Junior Carlie Scanlon explained that “more passing time can help teachers and students adjust easier and be more organized.” The chairs create a lot of problems, Aryn McQuarrie, Sage Follo, Elma Gutic, Ben Lichack, Michael BaRoss, Matthew Alvarez-Hidalgo, all freshman, say “the chairs are very difficult to get out of and it creates dysfunction.”

 Students sit in the chairs for almost six and a half hours a day. If students aren’t comfortable sitting, they will be fidgeting and moving during class, creating a distraction. Students stumble over the chairs when they get up and it’s hard to get around with them because they do not slide easily.

Even though faculty and students have some concerns about the new school, students, teachers, coaches, and PawPrint reporters know we are so lucky to be educated in such a phenomenal place. We Are Morgan We Are Family.