Music Talent is Brought Together

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Written by Alex Kamnitzer

Saturday, March 3rd, was the day of The 3rd Annual Coffee House presented by Casey Marsh and Lenny Paul. A collection of students and alumni were brought together at Malone’s (a local coffee shop) to share music, poetry, and laughter with each other in a quiet atmosphere. The PawPrint took the time to sit down with Casey Marsh, the original founder of the Coffee House, to ask a few questions on how this event had come to be and its future.
Casey shared that the idea had come from an event that her sister held back in New Jersey called The Tea House. These coffee houses were sponsored by the school’s environmental club. Casey was aware of Morgan Stock, an event that catered more towards bands and included performers outside of Morgan. “The coffee house allows students to have a chill atmosphere with students who would not typically perform.” Casey believes that students enjoy coming to a comforting place to enjoy the music presented by their friends. There have been more and more people going and this year they raised $395 that will be split fifty-fifty between the junior and senior classes.
The performers this year included Lenny Paul, Jon Nash, Lyndsey Robinson, Eric Petterson, Brea Davidson, Casey Marsh, Luke Torellas, Serafina Sicignano, Katie Baisden, Caitlin McDonough, Kelly Esposito, Isabella Sicignano, Tom Carmody, and Mike Irardi. Between this slew of people, there was poetry shared and many artists covered. In addition, there were new people which is just what Casey and Lenny had been hoping for as the Coffee House. In the future, they hope to have more performers but maintain the comfort level by still having it in a coffee shop-type setting. Casey says “There will probably be only two a year so that when it does come around they are special.”
After attending these performances and attending similar events, I think the Morgan Coffee Houses are a great way for students to raise money. Not only do they get to see fellow classmates perform songs they know, but others are also introduced to the wonders of some great music and a cup of coffee.