The New Council is in Session


Written by Sofia Sicignano|

The New Morgan School has come with a lot of new changes to old systems. This year, Student Council has been focusing on its revamp. But what changes are they making? And what do they want to do with this change?

The biggest change to Student Council this year is the staff and representatives. Spanish Teacher Laura Luther, the new head of Student Council, discussed the new goals of the platform. “Our goal is to become more community oriented… In the past six years, our school has become super united, and I would like to see that continue with some fun events [where] we can all come together and share.”

One new and exciting development that is said to open to the public within the next few weeks is the opening of a school store through a partnership with town pride. School-wide Public Relations head, Lindsay Harden, said ¨I´m hoping for a great turnout for our spirit wear. I really think that it will help bring our school together¨.  In an effort to bring the student body closer, Student Council has garnered this partnership. They believe it will help improve overall morale and pride in our school. Senior and Student Body President Burton Caldwell said: “We’re really focusing on the concept of new beginnings, and we’re trying to make the new school the best it can be”. Senior and School-Wide Vice President Mattew Capece is new to student council and is a refreshing new voice this year. “I support Burton (school-wide president), but I also like to put my own input in certain situations, in order to contribute to the council and the school as best as I can”.

Student Council is open to students who want to represent themselves and their class at their meetings, which take place every Wednesday morning in the learning commons before school. Student Council is making strides to become more immersed in Student Life. With the new school store and renewed attitude and effort to work with the students, it’s no question that the new council is really in session.