Buy a Brick fundraiser


Written by Gabriella Vigorito |
Photos by Abigail Pitarra

bricks clip artProject graduation 2016 created a fundraiser to sell bricks that pave the way to The new Morgan athletic fields. Parents Nancy Popp and Lisa Lindsay were the leaders of the graduation committee consisting of other helpful parents.

They fundraiser offered  two options:  a 4″ x 8″ brick cost $65-$75, and a 8″ x 8″ brick cost $150-$160. Along with the name engraved into the brick, purchasers could chose from lots of clip art options, from sports symbols to graduation caps.bricks

Project graduation sold and printed approximately 600 huskey-brickbricks, which made it one of its most successful fundraisers. In addition to the bricks, the class of 2016 was able to donate a bench and two tables to The new Morgan campus.

In the future, the Morgan Project Graduation committee can continue the walkway on the other side of the bridge and spread it to both sides of the morgan-alumni-brickbaseball and softball fields. Nancy Popp said, “We hope this becomes a new tradition of the Project Graduation committee so it will enhance the look of the new Morgan campus.”

The head of project grad 2017 , Mrs. Gaudet said she was going to continue the brick fundraiser tradition, and order forms will be coming out soon.