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no food, no courtyard, mo’ problems


Written by Emily Sordo and Rachel Ford |

Members of The Class of 2017 finally started their senior year! With a beautiful new building and a “new” Morgan, there are lots of changes to the rules that students followed for three years at The old Morgan.

Seniors want to take advantage of their senior privileges. In the past, the privileges included senior courtyard and leaving early or coming in late when a study met first or last period. This year, because of our new schedules, coming in late or leaving early happens almost every day because our classes no longer rotate. Most students enjoy being able to leave and come in later more often than they would have been able to at The old Morgan with the old schedule.

Some students are upset that they no longer have a senior courtyard. Instead, the administration made the courtyard bigger and available to all students. Senior Hannah Gaudet said, “We’ve paid our dues as a freshman. We never had any privileges, and now the underclassmen don’t have to wait for “senior” privileges.” She said that if it was always like that she would not object. Olivia Powers added, “It’s unfair treatment!” Senior Aubry Allen said that she thinks seniors deserve it because they have been here for three years. Some seniors, like Julianna Ragonese, are just happy to still have a courtyard and don’t mind having to share it with the other grades.

Many athlautumn johnson mackenzie milleretes are also very upset that they do not get to continue the tradition of guardian angels. Students cannot decorate lockers before games.  Seniors Autumn Johnson and Mackenzie Miller are upset because they cannot have their guardian angels decorate their lockers. Autumn said,  “Since we’ve waited for 4 years and spent money on our guardian angels for 4 years, it’s kind of upsetting that we don’t get the same treatment now just because we’re in a new building. We kind of lose some of that spirit.”

The biggest change this year for seniors was never a privilege for any student. The food and drink ban in classrooms is most difficult for the seniors because they became so used to being able to eat in class for the past three years of school.

All students are still getting used to the coffee and food ban. This change is disappointing to the students of The Morgan School because they are all used to bringing coffee in the morning and snacking during classes. The administration decided to ban food in classrooms because they wanted to keep the new building clean and avoid spills. Julianna Ragonese thought that not being able to eat is weird for her because she’s so used to it. “I think it’s a healthier img_0939lifestyle to be able to snack every once in awhile and keep your metabolism up.” Jack Holveck said, “When my stomach is grumbling in class, I can’t think.”

Senior Madison Garbinski said, “Let all the children eat. Don’t let them go hungry!” Hannah said that she has been “losing weight left and right being starved!” The majority of the students understand the administration’s attempt to keep the building clean, but at the same time, they don’t think it is very fair that some kids have to wait until third or second lunch to eat. Some are having a hard time adjusting to not being able to have

their coffee in the morning. Aubry Allen said she is not as focused when she’s hungry: “I miss my hot cocoa, and chicken wings.” So do we, Aubry, so do we.

Although seniors are very happy that they can leave early, some seniors are having difficulty adjusting to the new policies. The students of The Morgan School are grateful and blown away by the new building. But they would be even more grateful to have their food back!

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