Have You Heard The New Rumor?


Written by Karla Rivadeneira and Jazmyn Sherman |

It’s that time again… a new school year. Which means new teachers, a new building, and a chance to try out new things. Why not join the Drama Club? Music teacher, Mr. Lampe, is excited to begin the Drama Club again. This year he will be doing the play, Gossip.

Gossip is a short play involving high school drama and how people react to it. Auditions will be on Wednesday, September 7th from 3:00 to 4:30 and everyone is invited to come. If you have done theater for a long time, or this is your first year, join the club. No experience is necessary.

 Mr. Lampe, he could not be more ecstatic about starting rehearsals for the play. All he asks is for people to have “a good attitude and be willing to try new things”. When asked about his plans for the show, he said, “ I am aiming to do an advisory performance and an evening performance because I believe everyone needs to see the show because it’s based on real life situation” .

Mr. Lampe also plans on possibly bringing the show to Eliot since it is a topic that relates to high school and to middle school. He believes that it can bring a very good message to the school.

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Why should you choose to the drama club? It is a fun way to meet people and make friends. It also helps you with how you present yourself. Mr. Lampe said, “ It really helps with confidence and  with public speaking. The beauty of it is that we don’t have to be ourselves. Let your inner actor out. Everyone has an inner actor and be able to laugh at yourself”.

His favorite part of the club is the kids. He gets to see people who he doesn’t regularly see in chorus.

Senior Sasha Krivosky was a part of the Drama club’s production of Cheating Death. Her favorite part of the club is, “being with people who love theater, who have a passion for theater and take it very seriously”. Sasha also thanks Mr. Lampe for allowing her to become the person she is today because of the theater programs that he offers.

Sophomore Matt Ford, who joined the club last year said, “My favorite part is the people.” He performed Personality Overhaul with fellow Sophomore David LaRiviere, and Text Me with Senior Jazmyn Sherman, as an opening act for last year’s show. Ford added that he feels he’s made friends that will last throughout his high school career and beyond.

Whether you’re ready to take the stage or still skeptical, Mr.Lampe invites you to stop by and check it out.