Morgan’s Life Lessons


Written by Sam Pansa|

When students think about The Morgan School, they may comment on the moldy ceilings or the asbestos. And though those qualities of Morgan are what really leave an impression, there are some lessons that The Morgan School will leave behind.

Senior Greg Ellal, when asked what is a life lesson to take from Morgan into the future, he responded “I learned that if you slack off it can have a domino effect on your future.” School is supposed to prepare you for life outside school. The lesson that slacking off has no rewards to it is a good one to remember for the future, especially in college.

Kevin LafranceSenior Kevin LaFrance took a more humorous approach to the question by saying with a laugh, “I learned not to drink the water.” Though that may not affect him in most life situations, at least he will be safe from water parasites which could be useful when traveling the world.

Though, as Kevin stated, the water leaves students with a lasting impression of a handful of pennies, Morgan did prepare for a future out of school. Students learn from the past which helps to improve the future. The new Morgan will have more than enough opportunities for students to go above and beyond for students to take something away from their four years of high school.