Dante’s “Hell” Angels


Written by Anthony Janiszcak |

With the end of the school year coming, things started heating up for the Freshman Honors English class, with their own version of hell, the Dante exhibition. This project helps Freshman understand Dante’s Hell, from the book The Inferno by Dante Alighieri. The students put countless hours into this project to re-write Hell in their eyes, with the people they want.IMG_1630

From scrapbooks, slide shows, to even poster boards, students put together their story to share with their fellow classmates, teachers, and parents. Who said re-creating Hell can’t be fun? The students actually enjoy switching the characters! A freshman here at the Morgan School Alyssa LaMay said she “enjoys putting real life people into Hell, and spent many hours working on this project”IMG_1637. All of these freshman felt very accomplished.

Replacing the characters wasn’t the only things students enjoyed. The long creativeIMG_1634 writing aspect of the project is the other half. Some students end up writing up to fifteen pages for this. Freshman Matt Zoner says he liked the creative writing the most, and the visual part was harder than he thought.

The students in the class share with one another their story to their Hell with pride. Ms. Frydenborg should be proud of her students, and we cannot wait until next year’s Dante Exhibition. Congratulations Freshman Honors class!